Paisley busker gets international call-up

By Kieran Muir and Dean Robertson

A BUDDING Paisley musician has been chosen to provide pre-match entertainment for Scotland fans ahead of the crucial World Cup Qualifier against Lithuania on Saturday.

Sixteen-year-old Lisa Kowalski will sing to the Tartan Army as they enter Hampden before the teams take to the pitch.

It is not the first time that Lisa has been given the honour of performing to one of the world’s most passionate groups of football supporters, having previously entertained the Scotland faithful before the team played Denmark in a friendly earlier this year.

Lisa explained how the opportunity came about: “I was busking in Braehead and someone who worked for the Scottish FA approached me and said they were looking for someone to provide some entertainment before the match to create a good atmosphere around the arena as well as inside it.

“They asked me if I could help them out and I jumped at the chance. It’s very exciting for me because it’s a new place for me to perform as well as it being such a huge occasion.”

With Lisa being used to small crowds in shopping centres and on the streets, Hampden will provide her with a platform to gain valuable experience by performing to tens of thousands of people.

She said: “Hampden Park is such a huge and popular place, I know a lot of people who go there for football matches and concerts so to say that I’ve been invited to busk there is a huge deal to me.

“Performing for football fans is a bit more nerve-wracking as the crowd don’t usually expect it.

“It’s always been a great experience though and it’s a good opportunity to sing to a different group of people and broaden my horizons, as the people at football matches are very different from the people I sing to everywhere else.”

With so many ears listening to her music, Lisa says that she has learned from her previous experience when it comes to the all-important set list.

She said: “I will be singing a number of different songs at the game.

“I’ll pick a selection of songs from my usual set list that do particularly well in other places that I busk. People also tend to like my original songs so I’ll be playing some of them as well.

“I think the fans will be happy to have something going on before the big match to get them excited, I hope to be able to keep them entertained while they wait to enter the ground.

“Football stadiums are really big places with big, enthusiastic crowds so it’s so kind of Hampden to let some young musicians get some exposure from it!”


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