New support service debuts at Irvine’s Vennel Centre

By Ryan McDougall

A new service to help the hard of hearing will be launched in Ayrshire tomorrow.

Launched by North Ayrshire councillor Catherine McMillan and Hear to Help, the hearing aid support service aims to help people with impaired hearing maintain their hearing aids through showing them how to properly clean them, as well as change their batteries and tubing.

The service, in Irvine’s Vennel Centre, will also provide crucial information on hearing loss.

Running from 10.30am to noon on one day each month, organisers hope the new facility will will improve the lives of many elderly people in Ayrshire.

Hub coordinator at the Vennel, Catherine Beck, said: “It’s accessible for a lot of Irvine’s elderly people. It’s close to home and saves them from travelling further afield.

“There are a lot of services to offer at the Vennel as well, so it means that if there’s something else then they might be able to get help with that as well.

“It also means they can stop for lunch before or after the hearing aid service.

“They’re offered new batteries, new tubing and such and it makes life a bit easier for them.”

Donna McSwiggan, Hear to Help Coordinator, said: “Getting used to a hearing aid can be difficult and takes time.

“Our volunteers are available in the Vennel Centre every month to help people to understand how to look after their hearing aids and find out about services and equipment which can improve their everyday life.”


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