SNP MP: ‘No pro format’ to have Indy Ref 2

By Kevin Craigens

THERE is no predetermined format to when a new indy ref can take place says Angela Crawley, SNP MP for Lanark and Hamilton East.

In an exclusive interview with UWS Newsroom, Crawley says she believes that there has been a shift to Yes because of Brexit and the handling of Covid-19 by the UK Government but, claims that there can’t be another poll on independence for a generation are wrong.

Boris Johnson told Andrew Marr that ‘the right sort of gap’ between referendums should be like the one between the 1975 and 2016 EU referendum. 

Angela Crawley MP acknowledges that there was no right answer to the question but pointed to the 2016 Brexit vote as a rational reason that things have changed in Scotland since the 2014 poll. 

Crawley said: “I don’t think Boris Johnson thought through his answer on Andrew Marr, when he came up with this time of 41 years, I think it was plucked out of the sky. There is no kind of pro format or precedent for when it is appropriate to have another referendum.”

Angela Crawley MP talks Brexit and Coronavirus and their impact on a potential Indy Ref 2.

“There has been a material shift and it would be fair to say that it is the will of the public to decide to change the governance structure,” the Lanark and Hamilton East MP added. “If they’re not happy with the way things have been operated in the last 7 years then perhaps 2021 will give us an opportunity to consider whether the state of play has changed, through Brexit or through the handling of Covid-19.”

Labour Councillor for Larkhall, Andy Carmichael believes that there are more important things to take care of before another Scottish Independence referendum.

“There shouldn’t be a referendum at all. We have more important things on our plate at the moment, this pandemic for a start and the economic position we are going to be in,” Carmichael added. “If a referendum comes along, then that’s the will of the people and like everyone else I will take part in it.”

There have now been 20 different opinion polls which show support for an independent Scotland and this has given hope to the pro-independence supporters across Scotland. 

Angela Crawley MP said: “I think there is an appetite within Scotland, that is not necessarily shared by everyone, there are different challenges there but I definitely think there has been a shift in terms of the Scottish public opinion towards the possibility of a second Independence Referendum. 

“In various consecutive polls there has been majority support for a potential second referendum and an independent Scotland.”

However, not all people who voted in the 2014 referendum still support the side which they voted for. Ryan Capperauld, who voted Yes before would not vote the same way now.

He said: “During the middle of a pandemic counting divisions isn’t a very sensible approach when the country is already in such a mess, economically especially.

Capperauld says that Indy Ref 2 would be too early if the SNP win a majority in Holyrood in May.

“Having a referendum every six years or having a vote until you get what you want isn’t very sustainable. Even though my side lost the last time, I completely accept the fact that they lost and I think it’s time to get on with life”

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