Classic football shirts make long overdue Glasgow appearance

By Lewis McLeod

Classic Football Shirts have made its long awaited debut in Glasgow, there were many requests on where they should visit for a pop up shop and their decision was Glasgow.

Doug, one of the founders of Classic Football Shirts, set up the shop and had it opened for 10am this morning – upstairs from SneakersER – and revealed the response its got so far.

“Its been packed all the way through and lots of people buying stuff, it couldn’t have gone any better.”

The company posted on Instagram that Jonny Hayes was in the store having a look around but it wasn’t the only big name that had made an appearance in the shop. They love the stories that they hear from the players but also the regular fans that come in as well.

Jonny Hayes at the Glasgow pop up via @classicfootballshirts

“We also had Derek Johnstone in, he was in telling us some stories about when he was actually playing in these shirts.”

“Whether they’re famous or just regular punters, its always interesting to hear peoples stories and the memories they have associated with the shirts.”

With the ever looming Brexit hanging over everyones heads, it could seriously affect the company and how they do their business. One thing some of the fans of the company are worried about is how it’ll affect the pricing but Doug isn’t too worried about it right now.

“Its not affected us yet but I don’t really think anyone can say for sure how it’s going to change and how difficult its going to be, hopefully its as straight forward as it is right now. We will find a way, we alway find a way to source stock. Don’t worry about it we will have the best tops from all over Europe.”

Reviews from the fans have been mixed due to the pricing and they have taken to twitter to voice their opinion.

20 minute Tims podcast tweeted:

Twitter user Brian Murphy isn’t happy with the pricing but knows there is a market for these tops.

There will always be a market for retro tops as they bring back memories, Jock Rintoul, fashion brand Collection 26 founder and ex-independent retro football seller opened up about his experience on selling old football tops and how much it meant to certain people.

“’I’d say there’s a clear appetite for a retro football tops, I think the demand comes from a kind of effort to stand out in the crowd, there’s a sort of collectors mentality there as well, the kits now are all standard templates which is so boring. You can see when someone breaks that template it takes off, like the Nigeria kit.”

“Football top is almost like a uniform, it’s that important to some people.”

So far so good for Classic Football Shirts, there was a lot of football enthusiasts who wanted them to come to Glasgow and its now happened.

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