Ayr citizens pedaling towards a zero-Emission Country

The Scottish government declared a climate emergency last year and pledged to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030, as well as committing to Scotland reaching net-zero by 2045.

The Active travel hub is a Government funded organization that try to get people on their bike instead of their car

Active Travel Hub Ayr

The association has taken this mission seriously and wants Scotland to be a place where everyone can get out of their car to walk as part of their everyday journeys. However, it seems like there is still a lot of work to do to raise awearness about cliamate change issue.

“I am very interested and very into it, and I feel like I am sometimes the only person I know that really cares about it. I think people care when you tell them figures and fact about and they find it quite frighting. But actually turning their feelings and thoughts about it into actual change, i dont think that is happening yet.”

Amy Bisset, Project Officer at Active Travel Hub Ayr

Whether in town, countryside, forests, along beaches, in the hills, along a canal as part of your journey to work or just around your community walking is a great way to get around and this will help Scotland achieve its goal to reduce emission by 2030.

To achieve its goal, Scotland is trying to reduce the rate at wish cars are driven, considering that an average car produces about five tons of CO2 each year , which varies according to the type of car been driven. If everyone can drive less and get on their bike or will be a great one.Big yellow bike

However, the project manager of Active hub travel said the main problem of cycling in South Ayrshire is infrastructure. Some cycling path are missing, there is a lack of connection between public transports and in gerenal, people don’t feel safe cycling in the town center. In addition to that, the Scottish weather doesn’t help at all. That’s why it is so important in their opinion to keep this project running at all time even in winter. This will show Ayr citizens that cycling and walking can still be a great option to move around. Interview Active Travel Hub Ayr(1)


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