Mansewood residents call for change as narrow road causes chaos

By Layla Maguire

Barrmill Road residents have reached breaking point with the impracticalities on the road they live on.

The road is lined with blocks of flats on one side and grass on the other. Parked cars take up most of the road, leaving space for one car to drive along at a time on a two-way road. This causes more than one stand-off with cars every single day, with cars having to drive up on the grass to make way for another to get past, ruining the grass area for dog walkers.

Resident and driver, Fraser Boyd, states: “It is always a hassle leaving for work and coming home. More often than not there are about five cars trying to get out at once and going different ways. I usually have to drive up on the grass which has damaged the wheels on my car and caused my car to get stuck in the mud a few times.

“There definitely needs to be something done about it, it either needs to be made into a one-way road or extend the road to make it wider. There should also be an extra place for people to park because the one road is not enough for the amount of people with cars.”

With the bin lorries arriving every Tuesday morning at unexpected times, this causes even more problems as the lorry has no option but to block cars in their spaces until they’re finished. This is frustrating for people who don’t even live in the area, such as Rachel Bradley, who drives to pick her friend up every Tuesday morning for work.

She said: “I can’t stand the road – I tried to pick my friend up from her flat and the bin lorry was blocking me, meaning I had to do a U-turn with barely any space and now I have to park at the end of the road every time which is inconvenient and unnecessary.”

A dog walker and driver living on Barrmill Road, Callam Ellis, stated: “I can’t even walk my dog on the grass area anymore, all the damage the cars have caused has turned it into a swamp. We have no choice but to drive there, the road is far too narrow and is not practical for anyone. Its causing too many problems and we’ve all had enough now.”

Councillor Stephen Curran from Glasgow City Council spoke to UWS in response to these complaints. He said: “I am keen to engage further with those who are directly affected and plan to consult more widely with everyone who lives in Barrmill Road on possible steps we could consider.

“The Council has to collect refuse and is responsible for roads but ideas from local residents are worth investigating further, such as making the edge of the grass area a parking bay as it is already affected by traffic.

“I am always happy to liaise with Council colleagues to seek funding sources for any such improvements, but this will be challenging as the Council budget this year had to cope with substantial cuts due to a reduced settlement from the Scottish Government.”

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