public health


By Akindele Matthews

The Christmas joy of partying and hanging out with Families and friends seems to have been marred by the re-introduction of social distancing and gathering restrictions by the government with the people in the hospitality and events to feel the brunt more as Pubs, restaurants, and shops will have to take measures to avoid crowding and queues.

Internationally, most especially in the business of hospitality and leisure industry, there is a hope that things will change in terms of patronage as people re-arrange to travel and reunite with families and friends outside the UK.

However, the case is different in the UK with Scotland in focus where the first minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced the re-introduction of social distancing and asked Scots to cut down on socialising in the run-up to Christmas.

Addressing Scotland she said: ‘My key request today is this: before and immediately after Christmas, please minimize your social mixing with other households as much as you can,’ she told the Scottish Parliament.

‘However, if you do plan on socialising, either at home or in indoor public places, we are asking that you limit the number of households represented in your group to a maximum of three. And make sure you test before you go.’ 

A Club Manager, Kobi call on the government to “step in to help businesses”. He hereby shares his view on what the social restriction measures meant for his and other businesses in Glasgow:

Meanwhile, the NHS is making frantic efforts to see that many people get their booster jabs before the end of the year as people troupe out to the centers to get vaccinated. There seems no problem here in the Easter House vaccination center as people are seen going in and out vaccinated seamlessly.

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