Vaccine Passport Poll errs on side of Positive

By Rebecca Tierney

Tomorrow will see the First Minister making a decision on stricter vaccine passports.

We spoke to staff and students on campus in Ayr today to garner public opinion.

In a straw poll of 22 people, almost 60% were in favour of the vaccine passport scheme being extended.

Opinion was divided however, as people raised a number of points including the impact on the economy and practicality of the scheme for elderly people.

One respondent said: “My mother is 92-years-old and we had to get her a paper copy of the passport…what if she didn’t have other family members who could do this for her?”

A member of staff on campus, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was “against” the passport scheme because of its lack of accountability: “They’re not enforcing it at football stadiums, yet if you go to a cafe an hour later you’ll need it to get in? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Those who voted in favour of the scheme were more inclined to voice the positives: “I think it’s great to know that when we go to these places we’ll be protected.”

Nightclubs and large indoor or outdoor events currently require people to show proof of full vaccination status to enter under the programme. Nicola Sturgeon is set to announce whether the vaccine passport scheme will be extended tomorrow morning.

As well as being extended to include other venues such as pubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres, the cabinet will also consider the option of a negative lateral flow test result another requirement for entry.

The Government decision has been widely criticised, with one of the Government’s advisors, Professor Stephen Reicher, highlighting the negative impact on public opinion.
He said that the level of resistance among people who are already dubious regarding the vaccination itself could “increase” should the scheme be extended.

However, a spokesperson for the Scottish Government has responded to criticism by highlighting that the scheme could “increase the usefulness of certification” in reducing the spreading of the virus.

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