Two Birds Gym, a way of life

By Alan Caldwell

Owner of Gym, Danny Stevenson

Running any type of business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a challenging task for business owners around the globe, with many of them even shutting down, going out of business due to the lack of customers and income they suffered over the past 18 months. Despite this, one business that has thrived during the lockdown period due to innovative ways of working, keeping cliental involved and continued on with its rise afterwards, is local gym in Glasgow, Two Birds Fitness, who launched their own fitness classes via zoom during the pandemic to keep clients involved and fit, whilst also keeping a steady income along with the launch of their brand new Two Birds Drinks, including a range of iced teas and coffees.

Now opened back up after the pandemic and enjoying life inside the gym again, one of the PT’s working out of Two Birds, Katie Ivory, explained how difficult it was to keep clients motivated during lockdown, some of the classes she ran via zoom and the main differences between running fitness classes online compared to in person.

“I took clients online to continue doing zoom classes or I took them to the park just because it’s safer outdoors, and done bootcamp sessions in the park, or clients that had weights and equipment in the house we’d make up workouts via zoom.” She added: “In person you’ve obviously got that interaction so it’s a lot more personal and a lot more hands on so you’re able to tweak more movements or give them more advice, however zoom was an amazing way to keep people active during that period.”

PT, Katie Ivory

Owner of the Gym, Danny Stevenson, who created Two Birds in 2019, launched their boutique gym in Glasgow in hopes of building an alternative fitness outlook, focusing fully on positive health and wellbeing with a holistic approach to training and lifestyle. With the Two Birds Fitness community continuing to grow. Danny went on to explain some of the main challenges that the gym faced during a long and difficult period and if how he’s now noticed a larger number of people wanting to better their health after and get in shape after the pandemic.

“Keeping myself and everyone motivated was the biggest challenge because it was so stop start you didn’t know if we’d be open or not and trying to think of creative ways to keep people involved and fit. Since March 2020, our membership has grown by about 30% so I’m chuffed with that so I’ve seen the gym side of things grow.”

Gym owner, Danny Stevenson

An independent Glasgow family and business, located in the heart of the city, Two Birds Fitness and drinks continue to grow despite the challenges they’ve faced throughout the pandemic and sends a healthy message to the community trying to better their lifestyles.

For more info on the gym, check out their website to see some of the classes they offer and membership details at

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