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Glasgow Two Birds Gym: a philosophy for life

by Salvatore Boemi

The Glasgow Gym Two Birds has brought to the community something very new that provides a lifestyle philosophy.

Danny Stevenson, the owner of the gym, has encouraged people, since lockdown to have fun whilst exercising and to enjoy a positive lifestyle as the 27-year-old has entered his entrepreneurial career alongside his family to create a ‘unique environment’ for Glaswegians’.

Two birds opened in March 2019, and the idea of Mr Stevenson was to open the business gym as philosophy for life.

He said: ‘Two Birds brand came out of this idea of philosophy for life, you can get fun of every aspect of life, so to kill two birds in one stone and as a lifestyle brand we encourage our members to have fun and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.’

Mr Danny Stevenson, owner of Glasgow Two Birds Gym

Alongside the gym mentality unveiling ‘sweat working initiative’, Danny Stevenson has created a developed a cold blend vitamin coffee and a cold mint green tea which have been stocked in more than 100th retailers all over UK, underling the business mentality going into the right direction.

He said: ‘We have got the drinks, a cold mint green tea and a blend coffee which are now have been stocked in over 100 stocks in UK which is got listed with a big training line as well.’

Types of coffee available at the gym
Danny Stevenson and Katy Ivory in the roof top area

During lockdown, members of the Two Birds gym had the possibility to making exercise in the roof top area taking advantage of that, the gym grows in popularity, bringing a new connection with all gym member staff.

Katy Ivory, a fitness instructor, that recently joined the gym, has underlined why Two Birds brings the family vibe community to Glasgow, making this business unique.

She said: ‘I joined this gym because brings the family vibe community, how friendly they are and non- judging everybody is because no matter who you are, you are always welcome here and there is an opportunity to work alongside people they work in the industry for years.’

Fitness Instructor Katy Ivory on the treadmill

Two Birds is not just a brand or a logo and goes far beyond the commonly used expression. The community lives by a positive philosophy for how everyone should lead their lives! 

Full interview with Danny Stevenson and Katy Ivory

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