Climate change

Why COP26 won’t save our planet

By Matthews Akindele

So let us talk about the climate.

COP26 is seen by many to be the last chance for the world to get together and make a difference, but for one Glasgow man, the environment starts with the individual.

As the world gathers in Glasgow, city man Kevin Murray spoke to UWS News and said he believes everyone has to take responsibilty.

Kevin said the world needs saving and that is the reason why on his part he has started picking rubbish, keep his boxes and using them to pack stuffs to charity, use less plastics and reuse some of them.

He said: “We all need to do our parts as well. Not just the government. But it takes all of the whole United Kingdom to help keep us all living well safe and clean.”

He however shared his contrary opinion about the sincerity of the government on the whole “save the planet summit”. He joined other protesters’ view to opined that the summit is a mere waste of time as the world powers is planning to make a new planet on Mars and reason why this summit, according to him might be a mere “waste of time” and hypocritical. 

This year’s COP26 is classified to be one of the most important climate summits in history as it attracts leaders from all parts of the world coming together in Glasgow to “establish a global policy for ending the greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, in order to keep global heating to 1.5°C as per the landmark Paris Agreement”.

Kevin added: “After COP26, I hope we all see the work getting done faster to save wildlife and humans, not just for the people who live here on earth now but for days, months and years to come. And we need the government to be more interested and not just show off to world leaders gathering in Glasgow for a period.”

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