Story of Rose

Rose Maria Thomas

Rose Maria Thomas is young 24 year old. She had completed her postgraduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Pondicherry Central University in India. She is a passionate photographer specialized in candid and portrait photography. She loves candid photography more because, according to her “when people are aware that they are clicked, they give us a fake smile. A picture speaks a thousand words.”

She is a blogger too. she started writing blogs as part of her course during the university. She named her blog Reflect Stories. She has an interesting reason for choosing this name.

” I had to write articles as part of the course during my postgraduation. So why don’t I write articles and stories about what is happening  around me! Later I began to write short stories. But still all the contents on the page are reflection of my thoughts and thus I named my blogging space so. “

She now help her father. She is the co-founder of Malay Comics along with her father and brother. Malay Comics aims to nourish the habit of reading in children and people of all ages. They started it with a mission to reestablish the habit of reading and honor the unheard legendry authors all over the country.  Her advice to young people is chase and conquer your dreams.

Follow your dreams. You may fail but never give up, because we do not know when is our time


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