Glasgow restaurateurs fear COP26 could disrupt their businesses

By Salvatore Boemi

More than 25.000 delegates are set to come to Glasgow over the next few weeks for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The COP26 is taking place between October 31 until November 12 and hospitality businesses that are only a short of distance away from the SEC Campus, could have huge disruptions and issues to face to cope with the worldwide climate changing conference.

Road closures over the Finnieston area, and transport disruptions could leave owners wandering if their restaurants or cafes will be either affected or unaffected.

The owner of ‘Villa Toscana‘ & ‘Dal Pizzaiolo‘ Italian restaurants, Kastriot Maloku, is excited at the prospect of thousands of people descending to Glasgow streets, with the aim of boosting his sales.

He said: ‘I do believe that COP26 is a huge opportunity for all business, especially in this area, to boost our sales as it will be extremely busy and we are currently planning to overstock food and key things to cope for the rest of the next few weeks.’

Mr Maloku reckons that COP26 could affect his businesses on looking for more staff to hire as for transports disruptions and traffic measures strictly rules.

He said: ‘It will be very tough to find new staff to hire for this huge event as transports will be affected and things are still very uncertain just now, whether could affect our opening and closing time, everyone in the area has the same feeling of uncertainty.’

Villa Toscana restaurant in Argyle Street
Dal Pizzaiolo restaurant

On the other hand, The Glasgow restaurant owner of ‘L’Italiano Pizzeria‘, Giovanni Catania reckons that COP26 will hugely affects his business.

He said: ‘It will be a huge problem for restauranteurs coping well with what will happening in these upcoming weeks as I do believe that people will be encouraged to stay at home and order a takeaway rather than go to a restaurant in town, and this could be a problem for the whole sector, and we still don’t know if our opening and closing times will change.’

L’Italiano Pizzeria Glasgow

Speaking on Glasgow Cop26, my followers on Twitter reckon that it is a bad thing for Glasgow Hospitality as it will disrupt lots of business within the hospitality sector.

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