Launching a Business or Creative Venture During a Pandemic.

By Regan Kelly.

“Lockdown provides a unique opportunity, as you have a lot of time on your hands. If you’re thinking about it, then you should just definitely go for it.” 

Heather Dalglish- CO-Founder of In-Full-Bloom Magazine.

It has been estimated that almost a quarter of all businesses in the UK currently closed in order to curb the spread of the virus. The industry that has been hit the hardest by these closures are the arts, entertainment and recreational sectors. With almost 82% of them closed due to restrictions, compared to just 3.5% in other sectors. 

This is nothing new. The UK’s High street has been declining for years, although with Covid restrictions it has only made the process much faster.

Although a huge number of businesses are being hit hard by the pandemic, there hasn’t been a complete halt to new companies and projects starting up. With some entering a booming sector. “A winner has been DIY Stores and tradesmen, with people being able to now see the flaws in their surroundings”.  

One of the countries own success stories in Covid-Time business launches is John Connor, who founded the “Dooey App” based in Glasgow. Connor belted out when asked about his App, “it’s a communication platform that will challenge incumbents such as slack and Teams”. John Admits that for business’s starting up at the moment “it’s a strange time, and online companies definitely have an advantage as the high street gets shut down”. He also discusses the topic of a shift towards online based companies, “online companies definitely have an advantage as the high street gets shut down”.

Although John admits that “I think it’s a great time to start a business, the timing of your launch is everything”. He also discusses the benefits that Covid has had for up-and-coming business’s “If you rely on footfall i.e., a restaurant, buying a location that needs renovation is a good way to go. While incumbents are struggling and racking up debts you could rent or buy a location that would have been much more expensive 12 months ago and renovate in time for Covid restrictions being reduced”.  John reckons that some sectors are booming because of the climate Covid has created, “Estate Agents have done some great business recently as people no longer wish to be stuck in cities with little or no gardens”.

Heather Dalglish set up “In Full Bloom” Magazine back in October alongside Clara Wisbyse and Johnothan Tonge. Upon the disappointment on not becoming editors at their university Newspaper, “We had all these ideas that we were going to bring to that newspaper, trying to make that newspaper better”. “All these ideas were ready, so we said why don’t we just make our own thing, so it’s kind of just went from there”. Also, “getting people to do things during the pandemic has been very hard and everything has to be done over camera”. 

Interview With Heather And Jonothan- In Full Bloom Magazine.

It has never been easy to take the leap from turning an idea into an actual project or business. However, the advent of online resources and business start-ups like Business Gateway in Glasgow can make things slightly easier. With facts and figures kept up to date with the current Business climate.

Business Gateway provides multiple tools and advice to those thinking about starting a new creative or business venture despite Coronavirus, you can find out more on their website.

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