Black Lives Matter ‘isn’t political correctness, it’s just correct’ David Miliband speaks to the Holocaust Educational Trust

By Kiana Greenan 

Former Labour politician and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs David Miliband has shared his thoughts on the matter with The Holocaust Educational Trust. In a seminar on Wednesday night, he spoke candidly about Holocaust Memorial Day in relation to current events.

Miliband stated in response to ongoing western movements such as Black Lives Matter that, 

This isn’t political correctness, it’s just correct David Miliband. 

The Holocaust Educational Trust heavily focuses each year on learning a new ‘lesson’ from the Holocaust. By chance, the seminar took place the day of the Presidential Inauguration. Miliband used this as an example of why Holocaust Memorial Day is more important now more than ever.  

We are facing a re-run of the 1930’s” David Miliband.  

He highlights that America’s troubles did not start with the Capitol attack and says that big events start with small moves. He uses this as a warning to us all, to call out all injustices.  

Today marks the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The 27th of January is not only a day of remembrance but a day of reflection in our own lives and how we can learn from the past.  

The Holocaust Educational Trust is a British Charity which aims to ‘educate young people of every background about the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned for today’. The Trust supports students from across the UK to be able to visit Auschwitz and bring home their own lessons from it. Because of Covid-19 these trips have not taken place. However, the trust has continued to push their goals to educate young people on the Holocaust. Ambassadors of the trust have been able to join seminars and conferences via zoom.  

David Miliband, who is Jewish himself, states that responsibility lies with all of us. Although he was not in the UK during the Labour party’s antisemitic problems Miliband takes responsibility.  

“We should feel collective responsibility we’re part of the party” David Miliband. 

Teachers in Scotland will be highlighting the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day to their classes of all ages. Teachers from across Ayrshire explain why it is important to remember the Holocaust.

“Young people using their memory to the Holocaust can make connections, for instance when teaching Uighur Muslims they often bring up the Holocaust as a comparison.” Lewis Gray, St. Joseph’s Academy Kilmarnock.

Nicole Dunlop, Logan Primary School and Tegan Moir, Prestwick Academy

He wraps up the event by thanking the Holocaust Education Trust for their work and reflects on his work as an MP by stating, 

“My duty to strangers is because I wouldn’t be here without those who helped my grandmother.” David Miliband.

You can donate to The Holocaust Educational Trust here.

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