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Should Clubs Take More Ownership of Women’s Teams?


With more and more focus being put on the equality of women in sport with organisations such as Anyone’s Game covering the Scottish Women’s Premier League. With the women’s game up and running again similar to the men’s post-lockdown is now the time to bring more focus on the women of our sport?

Today I spoke with Abbie Little former Ayr United Women’s goalkeeper who had her own opinions on the matter.

From today’s press conference – 09/11/2020

If clubs like Ayr United took more ownership with their women’s team instead of putting it in charge of the Academy it would allow for a lot more widespread interest through Ayr and it’s surrounding towns. This interest is only beneficial for the team and also for the women who are playing and representing the club itself.

If you’re doing well you’ll maybe get the odd retweet

Abbie Little

More attention needs to be put on the women’s game even in this small way of the main club social media accounts making active acknowledgements of how ALL of their squads are doing. The Aberdeen method that Abbie discussed with me shows that they are actively involved in what is going on with the club and care about the development and success of their women and want the rest of the clubs fans to know as well. If more teams take this approach then we could see more interest being generated in the teams, which in turn (when allowed) could generate larger attendances and more of a spotlight put on these fantastic athletes and allow them to get the recognition they deserve from their clubs and also from the general public and fans of the sport.

I would like to thank Abbie for the time she spent with us today it was incredibly insightful.

Abbie Little – Goalkeeper (front row, two from the right)

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