Meg Hopes For Natural Progression

By Kevin Craigens

SPENDING a lot of time fascinated with nature, masters student, Meg Montague now hopes to get into the wild life of Journalism. 

Meg studied English Literature at Strathclyde University but has now joined the Broadcast Journalism MA at The Ayr Campus. Having a more practical aspect to the course Meg feels she can enhance the skills she already has to succeed in the industry.

 She said: “Ideally I would be on TV but I also love radio so if I was doing that that would be ideal. I don’t really have hopes of where or what I’ll be doing, just a working journalist. 

“I’m a presenter with Southern Sound radio in Govan that broadcasts to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and I’m a contributor for BBC The Social, although the pandemic has put a halt to the series I was working on.”

In recent years, the Broadcast Journalism student has really made wildlife her niche and enjoys every minute of it. 

Meg added: “I always loved wildlife and I just got following people on Instagram who were posting really cool pics of wildlife and thought “maybe I could learn to do that

“I’ve been working on a series of mini docs about people who do interesting things to help the environment and wildlife, and I’ve also been working on some other more basic videos, usually also about nature.”

Meg was able to quickly tell more about herself by answering some quick fire questions.

Kevin Craigens · Meg Montague Quickfire Questions

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