“Five, ten years down the line… I could be the next Liam McLeod” – Robbie Hanratty


Aberdeen-born Robbie Hanratty has life-long big ambitions for his career in sports journalism.

From a young age, Robbie has lived and breathed football, and has always had an interest in reporting on it. When asked at school to write about who he wanted to be like when he grew up, he would choose Liam McLeod, a BBC Sports commentator and fellow Aberdonian.

Interview with Robbie

Robbie is not shy to admit his ambitious goals and speaks proudly of his dream to work on the biggest football and sports programmes in the country. He particularly hopes to follow in Liam McLeod’s footsteps and present Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland.

When speaking about the hopes he has for his future career, Robbie said, “Five, 10 years down the line… I could be the next Liam McLeod.”

“It’s good to aim high…I’ve always got high ambitions, because if you set yourself high you strive to do the best you can.”

Robbie also dreams of meeting and interviewing another childhood hero of his: Sir Alex Ferguson.

“If I could meet anyone and interview them, I think Sir Alex Ferguson would have so much [sic] great stories to tell. I would probably cry if I met him.”

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