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The Long Road to Journalism for Kiana Greenan

Journalism can be a very tough discipline to get swept up in never mind making a career out of, I managed to sit down with Kiana Greenan an MA Broadcast Journalism student from the University of the West of Scotland to find out whether Journalism was always on the cards for her as a career choice.

Kiana has always had the passion for journalism as well as the wherewithal to think of what kind of journalist she would like to be being a political correspondent as it has a sense of importance for her personally, specifically local news. She came to this conclusion while obtaining her degree in History and Politics from Stirling University

Further on in the interview we were able to touch on why she wanted to focus on the local news side of the coin as opposed to focussing on something internationally. 

“The reason I like politics so much is because I like people being able to understand politics. It does affect everyone’s life’s, so if you can translate that on a local scale that is really important.”

Kiana Greenan

A fresh approach to bringing local news and politics to the people and if done correctly could be an extremely worthwhile venture for Kiana in her journey throughout her journalism career. 

To end the interview, we had a little bit of fun asking 10 rapid fire questions to Kiana and here’s how she got on. 

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