Greenock Telegraph

Student Life And Lockdown Takeovers

By Giuseppe Taouss

Like many men, Christopher Dodds has been a football fanatic since he was a young boy. Now aged 19, he works as a freelance sports reporter at the Greenock Telegraph covering Morton and Greenock as well as undergoing a degree at the University West of Scotland.

After two successful years at college, Christopher has furthered his career in sports journalism by covering Morton for the Greenock Telegraph. At a young age, he has been following Morton up and down the country covering games, transfers and club takeovers. With a HND certificate already in the bag, Christopher feels going to university will help him take the next step in his career.

When I asked him why he decided to choose a career in journalism he replied ” I quite like the idea of watching football and getting paid for it, don’t think there’s anything better!”

Chris spoke fondly about his time at the Telegraph so far, ” It’s been good. It’s been an experience. Having to deal with top professionals on a daily basis is a lot different from what I’m used to at junior level.”

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on us all and as we chatted through zoom Chris discussed the ways he has had to adapt his reporting during the pandemic, “ It was hard. In person it is easier to build a relationship rather than being on a Zoom call.”


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