From Fishing Boats To Getting Quotes

By David Welch

Kenny Boag plans to turn his life around by becoming a radio show presenter.

He started as a fisherman not knowing what he wanted to be. Now he’s a third-year university student doing a Sports Journalism degree and he has no plans to stop there.

Asked if being a fisherman helped him chose this career path, Kenny said: “After doing jobs that get you good money, you’re working hard and you’re tired at the end of the day, after a couple of years I just decided to go back into study and try to do something I wanted to do. Looking back at all my friends who went to university when they were eighteen, now they all live in a big house with nice cars, so I try to think that maybe getting an education will push me forward.”

Kenny has no intentions of stopping his journey here and even plans on becoming a radio presenter in the future.

Speaking about where he would like to be in five years time he said: “I would love to be presenting a radio show somewhere. A sports radio show, like Superscoreboard would be an ideal sort of job.”


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