Growing up and becoming an aspiring journalist

Mark Devlin (left) pictured with Celtic’s treble

By Alan Caldwell. Mark’s a local boy who grew up in his home town of Johnstone and has stayed there for the whole 21 years of his life! 

Also a lifelong football fan and supporter of Celtic, Mark said: “I’ve been a football fan my whole life and used to play it. I grew up a massive Celtic fan and have had a season ticket with them since I was 10.” 

Being a fan of Celtic for life and following them is just one of Mark Devlin’s hobbies as he also is a keen video gamer and enjoys spending time with his friends in his spare time. He said: I play Xbox and enjoy spending time with my friends just like any other kid.” 

Mark’s interest in football has now turned into more than just as a hobby as he aspires to become a sports journalist in the future, he said: “I find the most enjoyment in sports journalism and getting my opinions across on something.” 

He added: “I find it enjoyable the fact that you can take something you watch as a hobby and transfer that into work and getting your opinion across in an affective way.” 

Clearly a passionate fan of Celtic, Mark’s transferred his love for the club into his aspiring career as he currently writes for read Celtic where he does match reports and predicted XI’s.

Lastly speaking about the covid-19 pandemic Mark relayed what a normal day for him was like in lockdown: “Waking up quite late on I had a few long lies, like everyone else if it was a weekend I’d get a few beers in, play some board games and spend time with my family. Plus I had my 21st in lockdown which wasn’t great but similar to most my lockdown was pretty boring.” 

10 quick questions with Mark Devlin

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