Former Law Student achieves his dream as Sports Journalist at UWS

Christopher Toner

By Pearse McLaughlin

Christopher Toner is 29 years old and currently studying Sports Journalism at UWS Ayr Campus. Originally Chris wanted to be a lawyer and studied it for three years at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. After three years studying law, he clearly wasn’t happy and needed time to reflect and seriously think of what he wanted to do with his life.  

After leaving third year Law at Strathclyde, Chris then decided to go into work before he researched and really knew what he wanted to do next in terms of a career. He worked for Asda before he chose Sports Journalism, as he also needed to survive and earn a living in the mean time. Chris is a massive Celtic fan, loves football and NFL when he decided he’d love to report or write on football or the NFL.

So to achieve his dream of studying Sports Journalism at University, he firstly had to go through the college route. He has studied Journalism at West College Scotland for the past two years. He felt UWS was the perfect fit for him in order to go down the sports route and achieve his dream.

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