Covid 19- A punishment from God?

-By Zainab Arowoshere

The world has seen many diseases but came out strong from each one. COVID 19 is a particular disease that has actually raised a lot of questions from religious people who thinks the world might be coming to an end because it has affected the whole planet in such a dramatic way, captured the whole world attention, face mask sold out, Travellers denied access into certain Countries and the Media only report stories about the Pandemic.

Covid 19 has infected over 400,000 people globally since it appearance in China last December. The deadly virus has brought the World to a standstill forcing millions of people to stay at home and isolate from each other to stop the spread of the Virus while the death toll steadily rises.

Over 10 countries in the World is currently on a compulsory Lockdown. The question is, is COVID 19 a punishment from God?

“Relative to the corona virus pandemic crisis, this is not God’s abandonment wrath nor His cataclysmic wrath, rather it is sowing and reaping wrath,” wrote Drollinger. “A biblically astute evaluation of the situation strongly suggests that America and other countries of the world are reaping what China has sown due to their leaders’ recklessness and lack of candor and transparency.”

-Ralph Drollinga

RALPH DROLLINGA is a minister who leads the weekly Bible study group for the President of the United State who blame Corona virus outbreak on GOD’s wrath, but also involves China, Gay people and Environmentalists .

Covid 19 is a type of virus that has never been seen in humans, this has brought a lot of bizarre conspiracies of religious prophecy. Some people believe the Coronavirus was once told by the French Nostradamus, and was predicted in a novel by Dean Koontz. Meanwhile Christian evangelists are also saying the COVID 19 outbreak is one of many plagues to hit the world before the second coming of Jesus Christ, and is similar to the plague of Egypt.

Coronavirus similar to the plague of Egypt

The internet has seen a lot of pictures saying God is punishing the World, and different quotes from the bible to back this shocking revelation. Could this be a warning for people to repent and worship the lord more?

I might cause there to be no rain or i might send insects to eat your food plant. Or i might send bad illness to my people. Then my people who are called by my name should be sorry. They should be humble and they should pray. They should try to find me . And they should stop doing the wrong things that they have done. Then I will forgive their sin. Ans I will make their Country better.

-Bible Quote.
Online Users share COVID 19 conspiracies.

” Corona virus is a message from the Lord, It is a small trial meant to save everyone from a bigger disaster. Turn to your lord today and you will be saved from the wrath of God on the day of Judgement.”

-Muslim Cleriq.
Muslim Cleriq talking about COVID 19

While doing my research, I had a chat with few people who thinks COVID 19 pandemic is a wrath from God because of the sin everyone has committed and a lot of technologies which has made people stop worshipping the creator.

According to father ST. Andrew Damick who answered a lot of questions about COVID 19, he said, Christians in the early 21st Century tend to be Spiritual people only when in the church but they turn into materialistic people the rest of the time.

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