Corona Virus makes Contact Dancing Contact less to improve mental health

By Christopher Dass

The corona lock down is taking a tole on many as it restricts ones movements and activities confining them to a limited space, affecting their mental health. Making artists across the world take to social media in creating conversations and activities. One form of activity is dancing! Dancers across the world are now taking to social media to stream live dance lessons to keep people active during these rough times.

But can dance help in making the mental health of people better? Dr. Alicia Smith a mental health councilor believes that dance can help improve the mental health of the people, as dance is a form of exercise will not only refresh the muscles of the body but also regenerate the cells of the brains keeping it active and healthy.

“The combination of music that goes along with dance is very good for the brain keeping people from depression”

Dancing from home how is it possible? Dancing requires space and close contact in order to learn and practice. Which seems impossible with the lock down? But how are these instructors having live stream classes and how are professional dance schools giving their students online classes without being in close proximity? Anand Dhanakoti and Maria Alegria students from the Contemporary Dance School of Hamburg Germany shared some insights with us on the creative ways that the school is being teaching them given the current situation.

One such form of dace that has been very popular among social media users are the Latin dance forms which requires a dance partner in order to learn the dance. Given the current situation in these Latin dance companies were one of the first business to close down across the world, more importantly Scotland. But the tables have turned over the course as these companies took to social media coming up with creative ways to teach social dancing making it contact less. Shannon Shiell director of Academia de Salsa https://www.academiadesalsa.com, one of the first salsa dance companies to have been opened, believes that under the current circumstances that there are certain ground work that one can do with out a partner.

“There are certain elements of the dance like rhythm footwork and styling that people can practice without a partner during the lock down”           

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