COVID-19 forced Million people to Work from Home

By Nora Garcia

Workers from different enterprises and companies around the world, have been working from their homes for weeks now.

Coronavirus is affecting everyone in all of the different sectors. Company workers are at a high risk of contracting the virus due to the large amount of people in the same area, as well as the type of surfaces (plastic and steel), where the virus can last for days according to recent studies.

In the UK, employees have been asked to go to their jobs only if there is not the possibility to work from their homes, as the Coronavirus continues to spread and the positive cases continue to rise.

Work from home can be complicated. Some of the obstacles that it presents are working from another space without the appropriate tools and the difficulty of the online conferences.

Artur Sochacki, Properties and Facilities Manager at Chipotle (Restaurant company) in London, expressed his uncertainty about the situation and the methods that the company is currently employing: ”I think that no one could be trained for it really,

I think that no one could be trained for it really, because the situation is unfolding day by day, so we need to adjust day by day.

We switch all our meetings into conference calls […] so we get the ability to see each other throughout the cameras.

The biggest challenge is to stay at home, there are a lot of distractions.

Artur Sochacki
Artur Sochacki sharing his experience about working from home.

Rachel Purbis, Account Manager in London, explained that she enjoys working remotely and that in her opinion it is much easier to work from home in terms of productivity: ”I quite enjoy it. Personally, I prefer working from home

I quite enjoy it. Personally, I prefer working from home. I feel that I get a lot more done. I’m more productive because there is less distractions. I tend to get on my job more quicker and more efficiently.

Rachel Purbis
Rachel experience working from home.

Jill E. Duffy is a productivity and software writer. She’s an expert on remote working as she has been working from home for more than five years. Jill is a specialist in the area, she explained what it means to work from home and gave some tips in order to improve it: ”Work from home is not just one thing.

Work from home is not just one thing. I think when we are talking right now, where people are self-isolating, social distancing and working from home because they have to, this is a really unique situation. We are at a very, very, very different environment where stress is gonna be probably higher than normal.

One of the biggest advantages is flexibility. As soon as you’re working from home, when you will normally go into a job, you no longer have to commute. […] So taking off that extra-time, is a huge advantage.

Be patient, and that means be patient with the other people who you may have to work with. Be patient with yourself. You are going to have bad days, you are going to have bad moments. You have to embrace that and say: ”This is just one moment, this is just one day.” You just have to be patient with it.

Jill E. Duffy
Jilly E. Duffy interview about remote working.

Jill E. Duffy being skilled on remote work, shared some tips in PC Online Magazine:

  • Create a morning routine
  • Set rules with the people in your space
  • Schedule breaks
  • ”Show Up to meetings and be heard.

People over Twitter have been sharing some tips in order to make their homes a better place to work, and help those who are struggling with it.

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