UWS Ayr Campus international students returning to their countries as COVID-19 spreads

By Nora Garcia

The UWS Ayr Campus advised last Friday for their students ‘’not to attend campuses from the 16th of March’’ as a consequence of the spread of the coronavirus.

After that announcement, UWS International students started to get back to their countries last weekend. 

Will Cooper and Paula Gorgot Batlle are two spanish students that were asked by their families for them to return back to their country as their family feared that borders would close.

Will expressed his thoughts about the current situation: ”I feel lost, but is not because of the University”. He feels supported by the help that has received from the administration of the University as well as his lecturers.

Will Cooper speaking about his personal situation related to the Coronavirus situation

Paula Gorgot Batlle, returned to her village near Barcelona last Saturday. She is now waiting for information from the UWS about her upcoming assessments.

Paula Gorgot Batlle, how her Erasmus Program at the UWS has been affected by the COVID-19

Erasmus students who are currently in Scotland, are waiting for answers and instructions from the University about their academic year.

Vilma Ahosola, from Finland, is currently studying Broadcasting and Journalism at the UWS said: ”I haven’t received any email from Erasmus about Coronavirus. It would be nice hearing something and maybe some guidelines about what I should do. I’m worried about myself and my family because of the virus.”

Nondas Pitticas, ERASMUS/Study Abroad Co-Ordinator at the University of the West of Scotland, shared information about the early return for EU students.

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