Living in a student campus at the time of COVID-19

By Alice Liana Galli

A bitter start of the week for colleges’ and universities’ students all across Scotland where the structures have closed due to coronavirus outbreaks. Among them also the students from the University of the West of Scotland based in Ayr.

University of the West of Scotland Ayr campus

Today, UWS’ students were asked not to attend to their regular classes and embrace online teaching and examinations instead. However, despite course materials are being put online and students have been informed that exams would not be taking place in the usual halls, another major issue is raising concerns among them.

What is going to happen to those who live in a student accommodation? Are they going to be asked to leave their rooms and go back to their parents houses? And what about international students?

In order to bring clarity around the issue we talked to Susan McVey, Facility Manager at Craigie student campus here in Ayr.

Financial concerns are also factors that play a big part in this situation. Many people in the student accomodation have part-time jobs that allow them to pay their rents and they are afraid the outbreak of codiv-19 might influence their capability of going to work.

Aaron O’Neill, 21, is a performance student at UWS and shop assistant in a local supermarket.

A lot of uncertainty still surrounds UWS students but both the University and Craigie student campus, have ensured they will soon get back to the students with more before the start of the spring brake on the 30th of March.

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