Valentine’s Day: Is consumerism still thriving?

By Leigh Taylor

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Is it receiving the newest perfume or jewellery with a cute teddy bear and an evening meal, or is it simply sitting in with a Chinese enjoying one another’s company?

Whatever it may be, Valentine’s Day is upon us and the high street, as always, is making sure we all know about it. From 15% off at The Perfume Shop to heart shaped Lindt chocolates from WH Smith, these treats are no stranger to the Valentine’s market. However, more unconventional love-themed novelties are being presented this year, such as supermarket Aldi launching its very own heart-shaped lorne sausage for Scottish consumers. UK pub chain J.D. Wetherspoon is also cashing in on the festivities offering a deal for loved-up customers. Is consumerism around the Valentine’s season rampant as ever, and are the public still giving in to it or opting to save their cash and remember the true meaning of the day?

This year’s stats from Finder show that an expected 31 million (61%) of Brits will cash in on gifts this Valentine’s Day, with an average spend of £35 per person. Despite this spend being a 23% increase on 2019, 18% will opt not to spend anything this year, an increase from 16% in 2018. 

It seems the Valentine’s spirit is still alive and well for many of us here in the UK. However, there seems to be a shift in spending attitudes which may suggest a resistance to the consumerism placed upon us year after year, with not only Valentine’s Day but other occasions in the diary such as Black Friday, Mother and Fathers’ Day. 

Will you be celebrating this year? And how much are you willing to spend, if at all, on that special someone? 

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