Air Max 90 and Superstar Anniversary

By Lewis McLeod

In 2020, it will be the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 90. This shoe has been a staple figure in UK culture and you can see this shoe in all big stores like JD, Scotts and END. Clothing.

This shoe will release many new colour ways over the next few months to celebrate its success and how far this shoe has come and developed with the times.

The shoe industry is one of the big game players when it comes to recreating an older project and putting anew modern spin on it that will relate to both modern day buyers bu also draw in the people who were there to experience it hen it was first released.

The next big anniversary is the Superstar – 50 years old – this trainer has made a name for itself by its bold shell-like toe box, that people from the past few decades could definitely point out and recognise what shoe it is.

Adidas put together a whole campaign – run by Jonah Hill (Mid 80s Director) – that promotes this shoes diversity and shows off its history and how many people have developed this shoe into what it is today.

The UK shoe scene in 2020 will be filed with retro remakes and new futuristic designs and technology, this is just another strategy to make more money for these companies without having to spend to much time thinking about a new idea. These remakes will bring n people who wore these trainers as children.

Unique worker Lewis, is a big fan of Nike and had a great insight into how the shoe has put its stamp on the industry and what each company could learn from each others strategist on promoting the anniversaries this year.

Lewis Cochrane – Unique

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