Tug of War Championships come to Ayrshire

By Campbell Finlayson

This Sunday sees the domestic tug of war season come to a close with the Scottish National Indoor Tug of War Championships in Beith.

Teams from Ayrshire, Alloa, Biggar, Elgin, Kinneff, Cornhill, Tinto and Braemar will descend on the Garnock Valley for the season finale, all with the aim of picking up a medal in one of the many weight categories.

The Ayrshire Tug of War Club hope to compete in all weight categories and they encouraged people to get involved, saying; “It’s one of the purest sports there is and it’s very easy to follow as a spectator plus it is very exciting.”

Mairi Fisher, PR officer for Scottish Tug of War and Secretary for the Ayrshire club is excited at the prospect of the Championships coming to the West Coast.

She said; “The Scottish teams are highly competitive when it comes down to it with gold medals in indoor and outdoor European and World Championships.

“For this indoor Nationals we have a great facility at J&S Montgomery in Beith and we are grateful to the Montgomery family for letting us use it for training and Nationals. We are looking forward to having everyone together on the 8th of December for it.”

Both the Scottish and Ayrshire associations believe more people should take part in the sport, explaining that it can be a lot of fun, Fisher said; “Tug of war is a fantastic team driven sport of power and stamina. I think people should get involved in tug of war. There is a great community between clubs in Scotland and beyond.

“You really do make friends for life in this sport and have great opportunities to compete on a world stage.”

If you would like to head along to Beith to watch the event, the weigh-in begins at 10am, with pulling starting at midday.




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