Irn Bru

Relief for sugar lovers as Irn Bru 1901 hits the shelves

by Ryan Brown

Fizzy drink fans have hailed yesterday’s release of Irn Bru 1901 which uses an ‘old and unimproved’ recipe back from when the ginger drink was first made.

Demand for the new flavour, that Irn Bru believe has never been sampled before, due to its age, has seen shops cleared of the new stuff across Scotland.

In times of the reduced sugar and the sugar tax, some feel it is a breath of fresh air to get the old taste back.

Irwin Gray who was quick to grab a bottle on the day of its release, spoke of his delight to see that sugary taste return: “I would say it’s a sigh of relief.

“I thought it was good to get the ‘old’ taste back that we lost a few years ago but with even more of a nostalgic touch and I feel like if it was to be continued rather than a limited edition it would be more popular than the Bru we have just now.”

The limited edition glass bottled juice will have a much more sugary taste compared to the company’s current ‘full fat’ Irn Bru that dropped its sugar content in January 2018 from 34 grams in a 330ml can to 16 grams.

Another buyer that was fast to shops to pick up their bottle also claimed that companies should allow buyers the choice to take sugary drinks or buy diet versions.

Erin Hamilton said: “I don’t think companies should cut down on sugar and instead let people choose for themselves.”

Robin Barr, the great-grandson of Irn Bru founder Robert Barr, unearthed the old recipe which is now being enjoyed around the country.

He said: “The 1901 recipe has aged beautifully over the last 118 years. For a limited time, we’ll be producing a premium ‘old and unimproved’ IRN-BRU 1901 just as it was enjoyed by our first fans.

“This is IRN-BRU as you’ve never tasted it. It’s a chance to enjoy a unique and authentic piece of Scottish history – but don’t hang about, we don’t think it will be around for long.”

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