No Pyro, No Fans and No Fire

By Lewis McLeod


Celtic Football Club have hit out at fans for their use of pyrotechics which has forced them to close their safe standing section for Thursdays Europa League match against Rennes.

The club released a statement entailing why the closure has been put in place.

The partial closure has come after the “use of pyrotechnics, overcrowding and offensive chanting or banners”.

The statement claimed that the actions took place during their matches between CFR Cluj and AIK Stockholm.

“We have considered this matter very carefully. It is disappointing that behaviour which is unsafe and which we all know will breach UEFA and Club regulations has continued”.

Lewis Laird, who is a blog writer and Celtic Fan, recently posted a blog on the issue.

“I feel there definitely is a discussion that needs to be had between both the Green Brigade and the club. Across Europe clubs seem to be sticking up for their fans in terms of pyrotechnics so some fans feel the club should be doing this more and I think a discussion would help that”.

“The thing that annoys a lot of fans is the that the club will likely use pictures of the display at the end of the season in things such as DVDs or picture of it, so they will be making profit off it but also banning fans for doing it. Just don’t think it’s right to do that.”

Lewis said that many fans are also annoyed at the fact they have only been given three days notice and that the club could’ve handled it a better.

There are many safe options that could be considered by the club and fans, there has been a big stride forward in countries such as Denmark who use safe and controlled pyrotechnics.

There will be another hearing for their use of pyrotechnics in Rome, which will take place on December 12th.






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