Boris Johnson

Johnson launches Scottish Conservatives manifesto

by Darren Gibson

The Scottish Conservatives‘ launched their general election manifesto today at a packed conference hall in Fife.

Jackson Carlaw, acting leader of the Scottish Conservatives, opened proceedings on the offensive: “We’ll let the SNP MP’s carry on just as they do now, pursuing grudging grievance, pointlessly droning on, insisting that they and they alone speak for Scotland, while those of us back home cringe at just how terrible they make us look.”

Mr Carlaw then gave the floor to the Prime Minister who spoke about important election subjects including Brexit, the armed forces, fishing and the future of the Union.

Mr Johnson said: “I didn’t want an election in the run up to Christmas, but we had no choice.”

On Brexit, Prime Minister Johnson said: “The uncertainty and the dither and delay is bad for UK economy, bad for investment and bad for Scotland.

“The beauty of the conservative position, the beauty of the government’s position is we have a deal ready to go.”

Another Scottish independence referendum is a hot topic in the election debate, with the PM recently stating that he’d “return to sender” any referendum request from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon.

On the future of the United Kingdom, Mr Johnson stated: “In ten years’ time, I confidently prophesise this – that people in our country will be passionately proud of their Scottish identity and they’ll be passionately proud of their Welsh and Northern Irish and English identity.”

A recent Panelbase poll put the Scottish Conservatives with 28% of the vote across Scotland, though a similar poll from Panelbase put independence at 45% and Brexit at 24% when participants were asked what is a greater opportunity for the Scottish economy.

The Scottish National Party launched details of their election campaign on the 8th November while Labour launched their manifesto last week.

The UK general election will take place on Thursday, 12th December.

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