BREAKING: Theresa May warns: “Parliament paralysis more likely to lead to no Brexit rather than no Deal”

By Jack Ewing

Speaking a short time ago from a factory in Stoke, Theresa May warned MP’s both no deal and no Brexit would be “Damaging and Catastrophic”, as she urged MP’s to back her deal.

Theresa May called on MP’s to back her deal as not doing so would in her opinion risk the referendum result not being implemented. Ahead of tomorrow’s vote, Theresa May upped the rhetoric in the hope MP’s will back her deal. She also appeared to suggest if parliament took control of the process they would try to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum.

The Prime Minister said that no Brexit would be a ‘subversion of the democratic process’ and in her words do ‘Catastrophic harm’. If Theresa May’s deal is rejected, Number 10 fears that parliament would take control of the Brexit process. The Prime Minister now believes that would more likely lead to no Brexit, rather than no deal.

This may happen through a Peoples Vote (with remain on the ballot paper). Many on the backbenches of both major parties plus many of the smaller parties in Westminster support a People’s Vote. 

A Twitter poll which I conducted found  85% would vote remain in a potential referendum. It appears to have been mainly young people who responded to the poll. Other polls consistently show that most of this age group support remaining in the EU.


Today, the EU has published a letter which the Prime Minister claims gives extra “legal assurances” over the Irish Backstop. She claimed the assurances make clear that the backstop is a temporary mechanism and not a permanent trap. However, there appears to be little movement in support of the Prime Minister.


Following the letters publication, Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer responded to the publication on twitter: “The prime minister has once again failed to deliver. This a long way from the significant and legally effective commitment the Prime Minister promised last month. It is a reiteration of the EU’s existing position. Nothing has changed.”

In yet another blow for the government, Tory Whip Gareth Thomas has stood down from the government in order to vote against the Prime Ministers deal. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Thomas said; ” I have concluded that I cannot in all conscience,support the Government’s position when it is clear this deal would be detrimental to our nation’s interests.”

Some MP’s remain deeply conflicted about whether to support the deal. Bill Grant MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock was one of those people, but he has decided to support the Prime Ministers deal. I approached the MP for a statement , however he was unavailable for comment  but refereed to his previous statement on his stance. The MP believes the deal isn’t perfect but it is ‘infinitely better than no deal’.  

The Prime Minister will be hoping at the 11th hour that some of her other colleagues will vote for the deal in order to avoid no deal or no Brexit. In just over 24 hours, we will know whether her last minute call for support will get through or fall on deaf ears. If the deal fails to pass then a battle for control of the Brexit process is likely to ensue. A big week for Westminster lies ahead. 


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