“The State of It”: The new platform for Scottish comedy


The new comedy series debuted on Friday the 7th of December on BBC Scotland 2  with  some high  praise  and some  criticism  from the  audience.

On  one  hand,  people complained about the duration of the show. 

While others were reminiscing of some of the classic shows.

On the other hand, some people took to Twitter to send their positive thoughts and support to the show.

For those who have yet to watch the series, Hannah  MacMillan, one of the actresses on the series, described it as   “a fresh new comedy with the BBC, showcasing some of Scotland up and coming talent. It’s pushing boundaries of comedy within the BBC, and you’ll never know what to expect with it”.

She also talked to UWS Newsroom about the feedback she got after the first episode of the series aired.  She said:  “So far, only positive. I’ve read a few negative comments, but I haven’t seen anything constructive given. There’s so much content that even if you didn’t enjoy the full thing, there must be a part that makes you laugh”. 

Hannah had her start by creating content for the platform BBC “The Social”, with some of her videos being very successful. When asked about how the opportunity for “The State of It” was given to her, she replied: “Personally I already had links and worked with BBC doing comedy online. I guess someone just dae the video!”.

For her transition from creating content online to filming on a TV set, Hannah admitted that it was “in certain ways surreal”. She also argued: “I’m used to seeing myself on the Internet with my comedy, having people comment etc. But on TV there’s less control. You can’t just remove something or stop someone from watching it. The process itself was so much fun. Working with different people on much bigger projects is always more intense and this was a different level of comedy for me”.

Regardless of the reaction it caused,  “The State of it” is here to stay.  On what the future holds for the series, Hannah responded that it is only going to get better.

The first episode of “The State of It” is up on the BBC iPlayer.

Here is the trailer for the comedy series on BBC Scotland 2.

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