Back by popular demand. Joseph by Loudoun Musical Society.

By Jamie Glover

Loudoun musical society are back to perform another rendition of the hugely popular, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show was granted a second license by theatrical royalty Andrew Lloyd Webber, to perform another production of the show. It has been announced that the musical will return from the fifteenth, to the eighteenth of January, after a huge demand by fans.

The original show managed to swerve Kilmarnock’s notorious reputation for low ticket sales, by selling out the Palace Theatre, night after night. Headliners such as Jake Bugg, and the Coral, recently had to cancel gigs in the Ayrshire town, after poor ticket sales.

I spoke to past president of the society David Mcilwraith, who also plays the lead role of Joseph, for his perspective on this: “This year we put on a show for all ages, it’s something for the family, and we had young children come to it, we had woman, (and) men come to it, and we also had the older generation as well, so it was something for everyone.”

He also shared the reason for hosting the show again amidst risky ticket sales in the Kilmarnock area: “After the production, we seemed to get such a great response from it, like we’ve not had from any other show before. And we’ve always talked about doing a production again, and seeing what would happen. And we felt if we are going to take the risk, this would be the show to take the risk with.”

There is a real participatory feel from the show, as audiences often clap, and sing along to the catchy stage songs. And as cast member Rebecca Scott-Ramsay states, hard work is being done behind the scenes, to make the new show even more entertaining: “With rehearsals well underway, it is clear that practice makes perfect, as each dance routine, song, and scene, seem to flow effortlessly from memory.”

She also heralded the joyous reception the society received as a motivating factor, to put on another great performance: “The first run of Joseph was like living in a musical buff’s dream. Sold out performances, standing ovations night after night, and audiences singing the lyrics back to you on stage.”

The production has also received the perfect sponsor for the second time running, from Steven Browne Art. The renowned artist made his name, painting vibrant depictions of animals such as the highland cow. His art marries perfectly with the vividly colourful production, making him the perfect sponsor.

Though tickets are expected to sell out fast, David and Rebecca fuelled the fires further, by responding to expectations:

“I think the show is funny, I think it’s full of life, and colour, and it’s something for everyone. So if you haven’t got a ticket yet, I would definitely try and get one” said David Macilwraith.

“Audiences lucky enough to witness LMS perform Joseph for the second time, can expect a lively, upbeat, and colourful array, with performers who truly love what they are doing. Put simply, you have to see it to believe it” added Rebecca Scott-Ramsay.

Please follow the link bellow for further information about the show:

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