Young Scots Voice Concern Over Brexit

By Jacob Toland

Young Scots today voiced their concerns over how Brexit could shape up with the current deal on the table between Brussels and Westminster.

Their worries come on the back of the advocate general to the European Court of Justice claiming that the UK could unilaterally revoke its withdrawal from the European Union. Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona announced that the United Kingdom can decide to revoke Article 50 without the consent of the other 27 member states.

The spokesman for Theresa May later claimed that the advice from Sanchez-Bordona “does nothing to change the government’s position that Article 50 is not going to be revoked.”

With the Year of the Young people taking place in Scotland, many people feel that not enough is being done to help them understand Brexit.

Ian Ross is a communic18 panel member for the Year of the Young People which advises young people on their activity. He thinks that if the right deal can be made, then Brexit should not be reversed.

He said: “If the correct deal can be made then simply no it shouldn’t be reversed. The correct deal in my opinion, would be a free trade agreement with the EU allowing the Irish border to stay open but would also allow the UK to construct trade deals with the rest of the world.”
He believes that the deal Prime Minister Theresa May has come back with is the wrong one and that a second vote on Brexit would be likely as a result.
He continued: “This deal would also include ending freedom of movement and ending rule of the ECJ in the UK. However if this deal could not be reached and we are stuck with Theresa May’s current deal with the prospect of the UK looking to be worse off by the deal in the long run, then a second referendum would be an option for things.
Image result for european court of justice

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg

 “I am though not sure if a Brexit reversal is the best way to put things as people did vote on it and coining it as a people’s vote to get people’s views is a lot better than reversal.”
Ian also states that if he were able to vote, he would have voted remain. Although he would accept the result as the majority of the UK voted to leave.
Gordon Scanlon, a political activist and regional organiser for Young Scots for Independence believes that young people are being forced to accept Brexit.
He said: “I think young people unquestionably feel disillusioned over Brexit. The data shows that young people in Scotland voted overwhelmingly for remaining in the European Union and for Scottish independence in 2014.

“This has led to a situation where young people are stuck in a Union they don’t want to be part of and being denied the rights and opportunities that being part of the European Union presents.
“UK wide, 73% of under 25’s voted to remain, and yet the Brexit debate has been led by ageing, elitist politicians in Westminster fighting for position in an environment that’s out of touch with reality.
When asked on what Brexit could mean for young people if it does go ahead, Gordon said:
“It would mean that young people are denied the opportunities to travel freely across the European Union and all of the exciting life opportunities this presents. It will also override crucial laws in employment and many other fields designed to protect us.
“Young people are being denied a voice in an issue that will undoubtedly affect them more than it will affect the Brexiteers.”
“Perhaps the most galling part of all is that the decision to leave the EU will have to be bore by the youth.”

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