STUC continues to take measures to improve women’s condition in Scotland

The Scottish Trades Union Congress Women’s Conference is hosting the annual STUC Women’s Conference to raise issues about abuse and harassment women face at work.


download.jpg(credit @the STUC)

ACTIVISTS are speaking up about abuse and harassment women face at work at the annual STUC Women’s Conference. 

The Conference is organised by the STUC Women’s Committee and involves 120 female trade unionists. It is led by Sharon Edwards of the Public and Commercial Service Union and STUC Women’s Committee Chair.

I am honoured to be chairing the 91st STUC Women’s Conference in glorious Dundee. This conference is an opportunity for women Trade Union activists from across Scotland to voice and share their opinions in what is still a male dominated role. We are a nation of strong women who are vastly under estimated by men, especially those in positions of power. This conference is our rallying cry for all women, to show their strength and solidarity in our shared causes and to stand united as one.

Sharon Edwards previously said: “Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Strengthening Women’s Voices Against Sexual Harassment, Rape, injustice, and Domestic Abuse’. 

A range of issues are covered, such as women’s participation and representation at work, sexual harassment and abuse as well as women’s physical and mental health and safety. 

Sarah Wiktorski, STUC Campaigns and Communication Officer, said they choose this year’s theme after “Reflecting the #MeToo movement and the very public uncovering of the day-to-day abuse and harassment that women face.

A research conducted by the STUC revealed more than 50% of women are likely to experience sexual harassment at some point in the workplace. It is one of the more common, yet least discussed issue women deal with. In most of the case, the perpetrator was a male co-worker with a position of authority over them.   


#MeToo movement has allowed women in Scotland the world to speak up anonymously about sexual abuse they have been victim. Numerous cases of sexual harassments or sexist behaviours have been unveiled these past few years.

STUC believes the #MeToo campaign has led to unprecedented awareness of the prevalence and impact of workplace sexual harassment.

The Conference is also tackling the persistent gender pay rate, currently at 15%.

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