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Scotland missing out on another Major Tournament

by Stuart Reid

Scotland’s mens volleyball team should be taking inspiration from the Woman’s International football team

Another international tournament is underway and another Scottish team is missing out on the occasion. This time it is the turn of the Men’s Volleyball team.

The men’s world Championships has started, with Italy and Bulgaria Co-hosting the tournament.

Scotland will be watching from home, but the lack of funding and current interest of the sport shouldn’t dishearten Scotland as they should take inspiration from the Women’s Football team who qualified for the World Cup finals in France next year says U-18’s star, Jack Anderson.

Anderson, who has represented Scotland at international level, feels that his nation aren’t too far away from making a finals tournament in the not-too-distant future.

“The Lack of funding and the fact that we don’t have professional top leagues, whereas other countries do, is holding us back from reaching our potential I think

“If we had equal opportunities then I’m sure we would do fine, although if you look at the Woman’s football team, they seem to be doing just fine”

“The football team don’t have a lot of funding in comparison to the men, but you just have to look at how long it’s been since the men have been to a major tournament to know that we can’t always use that as an excuse”.

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