Culture hub aims to breathe FreshAyr into town

by Lea Fabbrini

FreshAyr is a cultural project based in Ayr which made it its mission to breath new life into the town. Their aim is to create a cultural headquarter, to find a permanent space in Ayr for arts and culture. Robert Singer, the founder of the movement, talked to us after interesting talks with the head of council.

Singer described the council after their Tuesday morning meeting as “very keen in the project and very keen to see that we actually deal with the social problems of poverty, isolation, exclusion.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.08.32.png

Even without having a permanent local just yet, FreshAyr is now one step closer to finding it. By publicising their cause and involving the town council, convincing them it is worth supporting always more people become aware of the project. Singer says: “The council are very definitely interested in change and how we actually make things different. We are now looking at this bottom up process of growing the seeds, that make the fields, that feed the people.”

They are not planning any projects or pop up events for 2017 anymore, but FreshAyr is looking at ways to grow and develop. At the moment they are in the process of developing the project into a Scottish charitable institution, because it makes it much easier to receive funding. Robert explains: “The work between now and Christmas will be to develop that plan and to develop the strategy, create a strategy for how we move forward economically and we will have an event in the early part of the year at some point that again utilises what we do best: which is create diversity .”

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