Zimbabwe Parliament Begins Impeachment Movement

By Erin Kearns.

FORMER vice-president of Zimbabwe, whose firing caused last week’s army takeover, has called for President Mugabe to immediately resign.

Emmerson Mnangagwa stated that he would not return until his safety was guaranteed. In a statement made from an undisclosed location, he said:

“Given the events that followed my dismissal, my security details assigned to me and at my residency were immediately withdrawn. It was in my security interest to leave the country immediately.”

Parliament led by members of Mugabe’s party ZANU-PF, which he cofounded and led for decades, have begun a session to commence impeachment.

Proceedings are currently being moved to a hotel as the parliament building cannot accommodate members of both houses that are there to witness this historic session.

Protests are continuing around Zimbabwe as the public are demanding the release of political activists that were detained by Mugabe’s once loyal security forces.

The main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvanfiarai, was beaten and charged by security forces for challenging the once strict power of Mugabe is now demanding free and fair elections which his supporters remain hopeful he will win.

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