Road Safety Awareness Week

By Dominic V. Cassidy

IT is Road Safety week here in the UK, with the theme this year being “Slow Down, Save Lives” and there is a large focus on regulating speed.

With cars becoming more and more advanced, the temptation to hit higher speeds could be more enticing. It does not help that driving examiners are striking over potentially dangerous changes to the driving test. So where will that leave road users in the UK?

In 2015, almost 2,000 people were killed in road traffic accidents in the UK and over 20,000 were seriously injured; worldwide, between 20 and 50 million people are injured daily – highlighting the scope of the issue of road safety. The most dangerous demographics on the road being young men aged between 17 and 21. Many advertisements and road safety campaigns are targeted directly at young people.

Road safety awareness week works to raise awareness over a specific issue, aiming to prevent more deaths from occurring on the road.

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