“WE WILL VOTE!”, Catalonians protest.

cataloniaOn the 20th of September troubles started in Catalonia surrounding the independence referendum.

Albert Gelpi is a Catalonian teacher who spoke exclusively to UWS Newsroom “What the Spanish Government cannot accomplish with dialogue, it will use force. But the people of Catalonia are protesting in a peaceful way.”

More unrest has followed in recent days.  Catalonian President, Carles Puigdemont, declared that Catalonians would vote, and the motto “We Will Vote” was born.

“I think the European Union or any other International Organization will only intervene if they do not let us vote on the 1st of October and we proclaim a Unilateral Declaration of Independence on the 4th of October, which I think it is what will happen.” Mr Gelpi added. “This is a peaceful movement”.

That same night the leaders of the parties that form the current Catalonian Government, Coalition For “The Yes”. Oriol Junqueras, Head of the Department of the Vice Presidency and of Economy and Finance used many mottos used in the Spanish Civil War, such as “They Won’t Pass”, these words used by the Republicans during the war referring to not letting he Spanish Army cross their borders.

“We don’t have an army and we will never use violence.” Was Albert’s response.

Maria Jose Garcia is an accountant that was born in Barcelona but does not support independence “I would vote No for Independence but I do not agree with the actions of the Government. It is fair to allow a referendum because we are in a democracy and a referendum is not a crime.”


Reported by Angela Peralta

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