No evidence for Rugby contact ban says Ayr President

By Stuart Reid

President of Ayr Rugby Club, Billy McHarg believes that there is no need for a ban on contact rugby and there are ways around the problems.

Rugby is a sport known worldwide for its hard tackling and physical nature. It is something that is taught from a young age to help children enhance their skills in the game. That all may be about to change, however, as experts of the game have called for a ban on tackling in rugby at School ages.

Experts from the British Medical Journal claim the forceful nature of the sport on youngsters’ body’s as they are still growing, has a damaging effect later on in their lives. A reduction of concussions, neck injuries and head injuries are just a few of the aims from the experts calling for this ban.

“The coaches watch these things [injuries in younger players] so I don’t think there’s any evidence or statistics to suggest there needs to be a ban,” Said McHarg.

“If you look deep enough in to the statistics I’m sure you’ll find there’s more head injuries and problems in football than rugby and yet there’s no ban being called for in that sport”

McHarg feels there is no need to distance kids from the truth of the sport, and that taking contact out of rugby at a younger age would be more detrimental than beneficial.

“It’s good to teach kids the proper rules of a sport from a young age and not take anything away from them. Taking contact out the sport, I believe, would force children away from rugby which would be harmful in a moment when more kids are getting involved in rugby than ever before.” He said.

Experts will continue to call for this ban on the sport and some wont rest until, the ban is put in in place. But for now, rugby will remain a contact sport at all ages.

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