Ayrshire nurseries reaction to early learning and childcare for two year old.

South Ayrshire council approved to double the amount of hours of free early learning and childcare for three to four year olds and by 2020 two year old will be eligible as well.

The proposal to increase the amount of hours is challenging to the many early years centres and nurseries of South Ayrshire. They will be expected to offer the same high quality service within a much more crowded environment.

Alison Milroy, centre manager at Girvain Nursery said they are already making plans to be ready when the time will arrive. ” We will manage to move the two year old’s into the three year old’s class with two staff member available just for them. It is definitely a positive change. The staff is settling everything to allow two year old to have the best transition we can offer. ”

Melroy added that they already received a few calls from families, “parents already called to ask  what are child entitled to and how they can apply.”

Viki McLachlan from Busy Bees Nursery also had an opinion on the new proposal, “we do not have a plan yet so it is hard to tell how we are going to be prepared for this significant change.”

An Ayr nurse and mother of one shared her point of view saying there is both a positive and negative side, “early learning will be good for kids who are not getting any stimulation at home, if parents don’t know how to interact with them then, it will be positive for families to take advantage of this programme. On the other side, same kids are just too young and they not ready to be transferred into a new environment they are not used to. I would send my kid just part time at first, so I will have time to see how he reacts to it.

Reported by: Ludovica Muttini





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