BOXING: Victorious Kash confesses: I almost quit


BURNS NIGHT BELTER..Kash Farooq flanked by St Andrew’s Sporting Club owner Iain Wilson and former Commonwealth champ Ian McLeod


NEW Scottish bantamweight boxing kingpin Kash Farooq won the biggest fight of his career then revealed he almost QUIT the sport he loves.

The 21-year-old Glaswegian classily defeated cocky Scott Allan 7-3 in rounds to lift the British Challenge belt at the St Andrew’s Sporting Club on Thursday night.

After wowing the Club’s Burns Night crowd he then opened his heart on how his dedication to the ring has caused a split in opinions between his parents.

Kash confessed: “It has been a struggle and I was going to quit boxing last year. My mum stopped me and I owe her everything.

“Dad wanted me to work and study and I understand that but I always wanted to fulfil my dreams in boxing.”

Farooq also insists that he wants to repay the faith shown in him by his family smiling: “I just want to make enough money from this game to get a wee house for my parents and my brothers, that’s it.”

It’s been a long journey for the part-time sandwich maker who spends his time out of the ring working in his local Subway.

And Farooq paid a touching tribute to some of those responsible for getting him there – including former trainers Bobby Keddie and Bobby McDermott.

He sighed: “My trainers are not here in this world any more. They both passed away from cancer and it broke my heart and put me off this game for a little while.

“They understood my roots and they looked after me and treated me like their own son. I hope they are looking down on me and they are proud of me.”

Thursday night’s winner also refused to rule out a rematch with Scott Allan and insisted that he was a convincing winner.

He insisted: “If there is a rematch I will STOP him and that’s not arrogance. I stayed cool, calm and collected.

“I thought I cruised the fight and won it out of the park. I know I got it by four rounds but it felt even wider than that in the ring.”

Prior to the fight Allan had spoken of how previous matches against opponents had been the; “Scott Allan Show”.

It was this arrogance that gave Farooq added motivation to defeat his rival and he said: “This was a big step up for me and I made it look easy. He is all talk and he disrespected me – so I knew I was doing the job.”

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