Increase in TV and film production spend in Scotland may aid students

By Jonny Clark

MORE money spent on TV and film production in Scotland is sure to help film and production students across the country says University of the West of Scotland lecturer Lynn Sinclair.

Culture secretary Fiona Hyslop recently announced that £52.7m was spent by film and TV producers in the country in 2015 alone – a rise of £5m from the 2014 figure.

Ms Hyslop said at the time: “This record spend shows that all eyes are on Scotland as the ideal place to base production.

“Our uniquely beautiful rural areas to bustling urban cityscapes provide excellent backdrops and our highly-skilled crews are in hot demand.”

Popular new, modern shows such as Outlander, have helped the increased spent on production in Scotland.

Lynn Sinclair, a Broadcast Production lecturer at UWS believes the news is positive.

She told uwsnewsroom: “The more money we can get the more resources we can tap in to, the more changes we can make – because we are limited at the moment, very limited in what we can do. So it’s great news.”

She also believes that there will be a positive impact on students at universities, who offer programmes of study in the creative and cultural industries, such as UWS on the west coast of Scotland.

She added: “It will have some impact. Students do get a lot of opportunities via various foundations and charities but if there is more money going into the actual productions in Scotland then there will be more opportunities coming up eventually, in time.”



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