Fire fighters will remain vigilant despite drop in fire call-outs

By Callum Scott

EAST AYRSHIRE has witnessed a fall in both fire related injuries and deliberate fires according to fire bosses.

The amount of people injured as a result of fire in the area has dropped by 13% and the number deliberate fires have decreased by 15% compared to the three-year average.

But despite the good news, Ayrshire’s Local Senior Officer James Scott says firefighters will continue their relentless efforts to keep the community safe.

The latest figures were revealed by Senior Officer Scott during a meeting with the local council on Monday (Dec 5) with the news the majority of casualties were treated at the scene for slight smoke inhalation and did not require rescuing or hospital treatment.

However accidental dwelling fires increased by 69% – the bulk of these coming from cooking and these can be prevented by Home Fire Safety Visits which are conducted by the Fire Brigade and a total of 588 visits were carried out during the latest reporting period.

Speaking after the meeting, John Scott, said: “We look at our statistical intelligence on a regular basis in order to keep our communities safe.

“And where we see evidence of any increase in risk, we will actively seek to reduce that risk by using every available means at our disposal.”

Although fire chief Scott is “pleased” by the latest statistics he is determined the department will not get complacent.

He added: “We are pleased to note that fire related casualty figures have reduced but we see that accidental house fires have increased.

“The majority were thankfully minor in nature and linked to cooking but we absolutely do not ever want to be called to a house fire – because we are only too well aware of the devastation they can cause. As a result, we will continue to drive forward with our free Home Fire Safety Visits.”

Senior Officer James Scott is encouraging the public to file for a free Home Fire Safety Meeting and said that the brigade will work closely with schools and Police Scotland to bring the number of deliberate fires down.

He concluded: “These fires put the community at risk, affect our resources, impact on local businesses and damage the environment.

“In rare cases where they are caused by repeat offenders, we will actively work to identify those responsible for these mindless acts and pass our intelligence onto colleagues in Police Scotland.“

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