Christmas parcels from Scotland wing their way to Afghanistan troops

By Lewis Kemp


A WOMAN from Cambuslang has sent more than 30 parcels filled with Christmas gifts to the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

The parcels were donated as part of ‘Treats For Troops’- a Facebook page set up to donate gift boxes for troops deployed in Kabul.

Catherine Smith encouraged the public to donate boxes to her workplace – the Black Bull pub – and was delighted with the response.

She said: “It was sore on the knees but I’m glad that I did it.

“Some of the troops don’t have families back home, so they wouldn’t be getting anything at all sent over to them at Christmas.

“It’s an amazing job they’re doing over there and it’s important that we let them know that people are still thinking about them.”

Everything from magazines to chocolates and even a special Santa themed mankini were placed in the parcels that were sent out on Monday (Dec 5).

Treat For Troops donate parcels year round and more information regarding how you can donate to the group can be found using the link below.




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